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  • Open Access English
    A. Feurdean; A. Feurdean; A. Feurdean; B. Vannière; W. Finsinger; D. Warren; S. C. Connor; M. Forrest; J. Liakka; A. Panait; +51 more
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Countries: France, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium

    Wildfire occurrence is influenced by climate, vegetation and human activities. A key challenge for understanding the risk of fires is quantifying the mediating effect of vegetation on fire regimes. Here, we explore the relative importance of Holocene land cover, land us...

  • Open Access English
    Friedrich, J.; Janssen, F.; Aleynik, D.; Bange, H. W.; Boltacheva, N.; Çagatay, M. N.; Dale, A. W.; Etiope, G.; Erdem, Z.; Geraga, M.; +29 more
    Project: EC | HYPOX (226213)

    In this paper we provide an overview of new knowledge on oxygen depletion (hypoxia) and related phenomena in aquatic systems resulting from the EU-FP7 project HYPOX ("In situ monitoring of oxygen depletion in hypoxic ecosystems of coastal and open seas, and landlocked w...

  • Open Access
    Jennifer R. Marlon; Ryan Kelly; Anne-Laure Daniau; Boris Vannière; Mitchell J. Power; Patrick J. Bartlein; Philip E. Higuera; Olivier Blarquez; Simon Brewer; Tim Brücher; +7 more
    Publisher: Copernicus GmbH
    Country: Germany
    Project: NSF | Collaborative Research an... (1241870), NSF | Collaborative Research: T... (1437074), NSF | PIRE: Wildfire feedbacks ... (0966472)

    Abstract. The location, timing, spatial extent, and frequency of wildfires are changing rapidly in many parts of the world, producing substantial impacts on ecosystems, people, and potentially climate. Paleofire records based on charcoal accumulation in sediments enable...