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  • Open Access English
    Richard B. Primack; Brandy S. Biggar; Mary E. Clinton; Rylan J. Command; David Ocampo; Natalia Ocampo-Peñuela; Lina María Sánchez-Clavijo; Cristian Mihai Adamescu; Sorin Cheval; Tudor Racoviceanu; +213 more
    Publisher: Elsevier,, Barking , Regno Unito
    Countries: Norway, France, Italy, France, Croatia, France, United Kingdom
    Project: EC | MOVEMED (794938), EC | FFP-BSS (798091)

    5 figures.-- The data supporting the findings of this study are available in the Supplementary Materials (Appendix 3–5, Table A3-A5). Raw datasets (where available) and results summary tables for each analysis of human mobility and empirical datasets are deposited in a ...

  • Open Access English
    Martin Beal; Maria P. Dias; Richard A. Phillips; Steffen Oppel; Carolina Hazin; Elizabeth J. Pearmain; Josh Adams; David J. Anderson; Michelle Antolos; Javier Arata; +72 more
    Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science
    Countries: Spain, United Kingdom, France, France, Spain, Portugal, France
    Project: EC | Inspire4Nature (766417)

    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement no. 766417. Research made possible with the support, permissions, and funding granted by the following organizatio...

  • Publication . Other literature type . Article . 2020
    Open Access
    Kerry L. Howell; Ana Hilário; A. Louise Allcock; David M. Bailey; Maria Baker; Malcolm R. Clark; Ana Colaço; Jon Copley; Erik E. Cordes; Roberto Danovaro; +41 more
    Publisher: eScholarship, University of California
    Countries: Portugal, Norway, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, France, Norway, United Kingdom, United States
    Project: EC | SponGES (679849), UKRI | GCRF One Ocean Hub (NE/S008950/1)

    ABSTRACT The ocean plays a crucial role in the functioning of the Earth System and in the provision of vital goods and services. The United Nations (UN) declared 2021–2030 as the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. The Roadmap for the Ocean Dec...

  • Open Access English
    Trine Bekkby; Nadia Papadopoulou; Dario Fiorentino; Dario Fiorentino; Chris J. McOwen; Eli Rinde; Christoffer Boström; Marina Carreiro-Silva; Cristina Linares; Guri Sogn Andersen; +24 more
    Countries: Germany, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway
    Project: EC | MERCES (689518)

    Este artículo contiene 12 páginas, 3 tablas, 1 figura. To understand the restoration potential of degraded habitats, it is important to know the key processes and habitat features that allow for recovery after disturbance. As part of the EU (Horizon 2020) funded MERCES ...

  • Authors: 
    Joseph O Oloo; Viktor Isaevich Shrira;
    Publisher: Steklov Mathematical Institute
    Project: EC | ASIST (612610)

    В рамках существенно двумерного обобщения уравнения Джозефа исследуется нелинейная динамика локализованных возмущений типичного сдвигового течения пограничного слоя в жидкости между двумя параллельными плоскостями, расстояние между которыми характеризуется безразмерным ...

  • Publication . Other literature type . Article . 2019
    Open Access
    Nicholas J. Bax; Nicholas J. Bax; Patricia Miloslavich; Patricia Miloslavich; Patricia Miloslavich; Frank Edgar Muller-Karger; Valerie Allain; Ward Appeltans; Sonia Dawn Batten; Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi; +15 more
    Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
    Countries: France, France, France, United States, United Kingdom
    Project: EC | AtlantOS (633211)

    Development of global ocean observing capacity for the biological EOVs is on the cusp of a step-change. Current capacity to automate data collection and processing and to integrate the resulting data streams with complementary data, openly available as FAIR data, is cer...

  • Open Access
    Thorsten Mauritsen; Jürgen Bader; Tobias Becker; Jörg Behrens; Matthias Bittner; Renate Brokopf; Victor Brovkin; Martin Claussen; Traute Crueger; Monika Esch; +59 more
    Countries: Germany, Germany, France, Sweden, France
    Project: EC | highECS (770765), EC | CRESCENDO (641816), EC | IMBALANCE-P (610028)

    Abstract A new release of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology Earth System Model version 1.2 (MPI‐ESM1.2) is presented. The development focused on correcting errors in and improving the physical processes representation, as well as improving the computational perfo...

  • Open Access
    Airam Rodríguez; José M. Arcos; Vincent Bretagnolle; Maria P. Dias; Maria P. Dias; Nick D. Holmes; Maite Louzao; Jennifer Provencher; André F. Raine; Francisco Ramírez; +32 more
    Publisher: Frontiers Media
    Countries: Spain, Spain, France, Spain
    Project: NSERC , EC | MINOUW (634495)

    Shearwaters and petrels (hereafter petrels) are highly adapted seabirds that occur across all the world’s oceans. Petrels are a threatened seabird group comprising 124 species. They have bet-hedging life histories typified by extended chick rearing periods, low fecundit...

  • Open Access
    Andrea Bryndum-Buchholz; Derek P. Tittensor; Julia L. Blanchard; William W. L. Cheung; Marta Coll; Eric D. Galbraith; Simon Jennings; Olivier Maury; Heike K. Lotze;
    Countries: Spain, Spain, France
    Project: EC | BIGSEA (682602), NSERC

    Climate change effects on marine ecosystems include impacts on primary production, ocean temperature, species distributions, and abundance at local to global scales. These changes will significantly alter marine ecosystem structure and function with associated socio‐eco...

  • Open Access English
    Gary R. Watmough; Charlotte L.J. Marcinko; Clare Sullivan; Kevin Tschirhart; Patrick Mutuo; Cheryl A. Palm; Jens-Christian Svenning;
    Countries: Denmark, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
    Project: EC | USES (656811)

    Tracking the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targeting interventions requires frequent, up-to-date data on social, economic, and ecosystem conditions. Monitoring socioeconomic targets using household survey data would require census enumeration ...