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  • other research product . 2021
    Open Access English
    Vries, Joost; Monteiro, Fanny; Wheeler, Glen; Poulton, Alex; Godrijan, Jelena; Cerino, Federica; Malinverno, Elisa; Langer, Gerald; Brownlee, Colin;
    Project: MZOS | Mechanism of long-term ch... (098-0982705-2731), UKRI | GW4+ - a consortium of ex... (NE/L002434/1), EC | SEACELLS (670390), EC | MEDSEA (265103), UKRI | NSFGEO-NERC An unexpected... (NE/N011708/1)

    Coccolithophores are globally important marine calcifying phytoplankton that utilize a haplo-diplontic life cycle. The haplo-diplontic life cycle allows coccolithophores to divide in both life cycle phases and potentially expands coccolithophore niche volume. Research h...

  • other research product . 2019
    Open Access English
    Vilibić, Ivica; Mihanović, Hrvoje; Janeković, Ivica; Denamiel, Cléa; Poulain, Pierre-Marie; Orlić, Mirko; Dunić, Natalija; Dadić, Vlado; Pasarić, Mira; Muslim, Stipe; ...
    Project: EC | EUROFLEETS2 (312762)

    The paper investigates the wintertime dynamics of the coastal northeastern Adriatic Sea and is based on numerical modelling and in situ data collected through field campaigns executed during the winter and spring of 2015. The data were collected with a variety of instru...

  • other research product . Other ORP type . 2018
    Open Access English
    Lauvset, Siv K.; Key, Robert M.; Olsen, Are; Heuven, Steven; Velo, Anton; Lin, Xiaohua; Schirnick, Carsten; Kozyr, Alex; Tanhua, Toste; Hoppema, Mario; ...
    Publisher: Copernicus Publications
    Project: NSF | Support for International... (1243377), NSF | Southern Ocean Carbon and... (1425989), EC | CARBOCHANGE (264879), EC | AtlantOS (633211), NSF | Collaborative Research: C... (0825163), EC | SEADATANET II (283607)

    We present a mapped climatology (GLODAPv2.2016b) of ocean biogeochemical variables based on the new GLODAP version 2 data product (Olsen et al., 2016; Key et al., 2015), which covers all ocean basins over the years 1972 to 2013. The quality-controlled and internally con...

  • other research product . 2011
    Open Access
    Gruber, Thomas;
    Publisher: PANGAEA
    Country: Germany
    Project: HRZZ | Coordination reactions of... (0000)
4 research outcomes, page 1 of 1