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  • Open Access
    Aronsuu, Kimmo; Vikström, Risto; Marjomäki, Timo J.; Wennman, Kim; Pakkala, Jukka; Mäenpää, Eero; Tuohino, Jukka; Sarell, Juha; Ojutkangas, Esa;
    Publisher: University of Jyväskylä
    Country: Finland

    The pioneering work done during the past three decades in the regulated Rivers Perhonjoki and Kalajoki, Finland, to study and rehabilitate river lamprey populations is presented. The effects of various anthropogenic activities and rehabilitation measures are evaluated b...

  • Open Access English
    Mikheev, Victor N.; Pasternak, Anna F.; Taskinen, Jouni; Valtonen, Tellervo;
    Country: Finland

    Abstract Background Success of trophically transmitted parasites depends to a great extent on their ability to manipulate their intermediate hosts in a way that makes them easier prey for target hosts. Parasite-induced behavioural changes are the most spectacular and di...