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  • Open Access English
    Lauvset, Siv Kari; Key, Robert M.; Olsen, Are; van Heuven, Steven; Velo, Antón; Lin, Xiaohua; Schirnick, Carsten; Kozyr, Alex; Tanhua, Toste; Hoppema, Mario; +7 more
    Project: NSF | Support for International... (1243377), NSF | Southern Ocean Carbon and... (1425989), EC | CARBOCHANGE (264879), EC | SEADATANET II (283607), EC | AtlantOS (633211), NSF | Collaborative Research: C... (0825163)

    We present a mapped climatology (GLODAPv2.2016b) of ocean biogeochemical variables based on the new GLODAP version 2 data product (Olsen et al., 2016; Key et al., 2015), which covers all ocean basins over the years 1972 to 2013. The quality-controlled and internally con...

  • Open Access English
    Tsiola, Anastasia; Tsagaraki, Tatiana M.; Giannakourou, Antonia; Nikolioudakis, Nikolaos; Yücel, Nebil; Herut, Barak; Pitta, Paraskevi;
    Publisher: Frontiers Media S. A
    Country: Turkey
    Project: EC | MESOAQUA (228224)

    The impact of viral lysis and grazing by flagellates on bacterioplankton production was assessed during a mesocosm experiment in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, in response to Saharan dust (SD) vs. mixed aerosols (A) addition. The results highlight a positive effect on b...