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  • Open Access English
    Hopwood, Mark J.; Sanchez, Nicolas; Polyviou, Despo; Leiknes, Øystein; Gallego-Urrea, Julián Alberto; Achterberg, Eric P.; Ardelan, Murat V.; Aristegui, Javier; Bach, Lennart; Besiktepe, Sengul; +6 more
    Project: EC | OCEAN-CERTAIN (603773)

    The extracellular concentration of H2O2 in surface aquatic environments is controlled by a balance between photochemical production and the microbial synthesis of catalase and peroxidase enzymes to remove H2O2 from solution. In any kind of incubation experiment, the for...

  • Open Access English
    Guo, Chuncheng; Bentsen, Mats; Bethke, Ingo; Ilicak, Mehmet; Tjiputra, Jerry; Toniazzo, Thomas; Schwinger, Jörg; Otterå, Odd Helge;
    Project: EC | ICE2ICE (610055)

    A new computationally efficient version of the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM) is presented. This new version (here termed NorESM1-F) runs about 2.5 times faster (e.g., 90 model years per day on current hardware) than the version that contributed to the fifth phas...

  • Open Access English
    Friedrich, J.; Janssen, F.; Aleynik, D.; Bange, H. W.; Boltacheva, N.; Çagatay, M. N.; Dale, A. W.; Etiope, G.; Erdem, Z.; Geraga, M.; +29 more
    Project: EC | HYPOX (226213)

    In this paper we provide an overview of new knowledge on oxygen depletion (hypoxia) and related phenomena in aquatic systems resulting from the EU-FP7 project HYPOX ("In situ monitoring of oxygen depletion in hypoxic ecosystems of coastal and open seas, and landlocked w...

  • Open Access English
    Tsiola, Anastasia; Tsagaraki, Tatiana M.; Giannakourou, Antonia; Nikolioudakis, Nikolaos; Yücel, Nebil; Herut, Barak; Pitta, Paraskevi;
    Publisher: Frontiers Media S. A
    Country: Turkey
    Project: EC | MESOAQUA (228224)

    The impact of viral lysis and grazing by flagellates on bacterioplankton production was assessed during a mesocosm experiment in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, in response to Saharan dust (SD) vs. mixed aerosols (A) addition. The results highlight a positive effect on b...