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  • Open Access English
    Petrova, P. G.; Guedes Soares, C.;
    Project: FCT | SFRH/BPD/82484/2011 (SFRH/BPD/82484/2011), EC | EXTREME SEAS (234175)

    This paper presents an analysis of the distributions of nonlinear crests, troughs and heights of deep water waves from mixed following sea states generated mechanically in an offshore basin and compares with previous results for mixed crossing seas from the same experim...

  • Open Access English
    Zhang, H. D.; Guedes Soares, C.; Cherneva, Z.; Onorato, M.;
    Project: EC | EXTREME SEAS (234175)

    Spatial variation of nonlinear wave groups with different initial envelope shapes is theoretically studied first, confirming that the simplest nonlinear theoretical model is capable of describing the evolution of propagating wave packets in deep water. Moreover, three g...