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  • NSFGEO-NERC An unexpected requirement for silicon in coccolithophore calcification: ecological and evolutionary implications.
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    Vries, Joost; Monteiro, Fanny; Wheeler, Glen; Poulton, Alex; Godrijan, Jelena; Cerino, Federica; Malinverno, Elisa; Langer, Gerald; Brownlee, Colin;
    Project: EC | SEACELLS (670390), EC | MEDSEA (265103), UKRI | GW4+ - a consortium of ex... (NE/L002434/1), MZOS | Mechanism of long-term ch... (098-0982705-2731), UKRI | NSFGEO-NERC An unexpected... (NE/N011708/1)

    Coccolithophores are globally important marine calcifying phytoplankton that utilize a haplo-diplontic life cycle. The haplo-diplontic life cycle allows coccolithophores to divide in both life cycle phases and potentially expands coccolithophore niche volume. Research h...