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  • Open Access
    Phillip J. Haubrock; Danish A. Ahmed; Ross N. Cuthbert; Rachel Stubbington; Sami Domisch; Jaime R. G. Marquez; Ayah Beidas; Giuseppe Amatulli; Jens Kiesel; Longzhu Q. Shen; +30 more
    Publisher: Wiley
    Countries: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Portugal
    Project: EC | eLTER PLUS (871128)

    International audience; Globalization has led to the introduction of thousands of alien species worldwide. With growing impacts by invasive species, understanding the invasion process remains critical for predicting adverse effects and informing efficient management. Th...

  • Open Access English
    Jelena Mutić; Vesna Jovanovic; Liesbeth Jacxsens; Jannes Tondeleir; Petar Ristivojević; Sladjana Djurdjić; Andreja Rajkovic; Tanja Cirkovic Velickovic;
    Publisher: MDPI
    Countries: Belgium, Serbia
    Project: EC | FoodEnTwin (810752)

    Bivalves are a good source of nutrients but also a potential source of environmental contaminants, which could pose a risk for consumers. The aims of this study were: the determination of 16 elements by ICP-MS in 48 samples of five bivalve species purchased from market ...

  • Open Access English
    Francesco Maria Sabatini; Jonathan Lenoir; Tarek Hattab; Elise A. Arnst; Milan Chytrý; Jürgen Dengler; Patrice de Ruffray; Stephan M. Hennekens; Ute Jandt; Florian Jansen; +151 more
    Countries: France, Croatia, France, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Netherlands, France, France, Finland ...
    Project: SNSF | FutureWeb (20BD21_184131), EC | T-FORCES (291585), EC | IMBALANCE-P (610028), EC | BACI (640176)

    Sabatini, F.M., Lenoir, J., Hattab, T., Arnst, E.A., Chytrý, M., Dengler, J., De Ruffray, P., Hennekens, S.M., Jandt, U., Jansen, F., Jiménez-Alfaro, B., Kattge, J., Levesley, A., Pillar, V.D., Purschke, O., Sandel, B., Sultana, F., Aavik, T., Aćić, S., Acosta, A.T.R., ...

  • Open Access English
    Thomas Wong Hearing; Alexandre Pohl; Mark Williams; Yannick Donnadieu; Thomas H. P. Harvey; Christopher R. Scotese; Pierre Sepulchre; Alain Franc; Thijs R.A. Vandenbroucke;
    Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
    Countries: France, Belgium
    Project: EC | BioSIGNAL (838373)

    Marine ecosystems with a diverse range of animal groups became established during the early Cambrian (~541 to ~509 Ma). However, Earth’s environmental parameters and palaeogeography in this interval of major macro-evolutionary change remain poorly constrained. Here, we ...

  • Open Access English
    Lore Pottie; Wouter Van Gool; Michiel Vanhooydonck; Franz-Georg Hanisch; Geert Goeminne; Andreja Rajkovic; Paul Coucke; Patrick Sips; Bert Callewaert;
    Country: Belgium
    Project: EC | ZIDOMS (794365)

    The inability to maintain a strictly regulated endo(lyso)somal acidic pH through the proton-pumping action of the vacuolar-ATPases (v-ATPases) has been associated with various human diseases including heritable connective tissue disorders. Autosomal recessive (AR) cutis...

  • Open Access English
    Missiaen, Tine; Fitch, Simon; Harding, Rachel; Muru, Merle; Fraser, Andy; De Clercq, Maikel; Moreno, David Garcia; Versteeg, Wim; Busschers, Freek S.; van Heteren, Sytze; +5 more
    Countries: Netherlands, Belgium
    Project: EC | Lost Frontiers (670518)

    Abstract This paper describes some results of the research undertaken over the Brown Bank area during recent (2018/2019) geoarchaeological surveys in the North Sea which included seismic imaging, shallow (vibro)coring and dredging. It examines the benefits of simultaneo...

  • Open Access English
    Travis W. Washburn; Lenaick Menot; Paulo Bonifácio; Ellen Pape; Magdalena Błażewicz; Guadalupe Bribiesca-Contreras; Thomas G. Dahlgren; Thomas G. Dahlgren; Tomohiko Fukushima; Adrian G. Glover; +4 more
    Publisher: Frontiers Media S.A.
    Countries: Belgium, Norway, France
    Project: EC | MIDAS (603418)

    Macrofauna are an abundant and diverse component of abyssal benthic communities and are likely to be heavily impacted by polymetallic nodule mining in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone (CCZ). In 2012, the International Seabed Authority (ISA) used available benthic biodiversit...

  • Open Access English
    Simon M. Dittami; Enrique Arboleda; Jean-Christophe Auguet; Arite Bigalke; Enora Briand; Paco Cárdenas; Ulisse Cardini; Johan Decelle; Aschwin H. Engelen; Damien Eveillard; +21 more
    Publisher: Uppsala universitet, Farmakognosi
    Countries: Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, France, France, Belgium, France, Portugal
    Project: FCT | UIDB/04326/2020 (UIDB/04326/2020), FCT | UID/Multi/04326/2019 (UID/Multi/04326/2019), EC | MORPHIC (624575), EC | EUROMARINE (265099), EC | SponGES (679849), EC | IRONCOMM (748581)

    Host-microbe interactions play crucial roles in marine ecosystems. However, we still have very little understanding of the mechanisms that govern these relationships, the evolutionary processes that shape them, and their ecological consequences. The holobiont concept is...

  • Open Access English
    Joana Costa; Caterina Villa; Kitty Verhoeckx; Tanja Cirkovic-Velickovic; Denise Schrama; Paola Roncada; Pedro M. Rodrigues; Cristian Piras; Laura Martín-Pedraza; Linda Monaci; +15 more
    Countries: Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, France, France
    Project: EC | PROFIT (650006), EC | AllerScreening (768641), MESTD | Molecular properties and ... (172024)

    Key determinants for the development of an allergic response to an otherwise 'harmless' food protein involve different factors like the predisposition of the individual, the timing, the dose, the route of exposure, the intrinsic properties of the allergen, the food matr...

  • Publication . Article . Other literature type . 2020
    Open Access English
    L. Terrats; Hervé Claustre; M. Cornec; A Mangin; Griet Neukermans;
    Countries: France, France, Belgium
    Project: EC | REMOCEAN (246777), EC | REFINE (834177), EC | WhiteShift (749949)

    Abstract Coccolithophores (calcifying phytoplankton) form extensive blooms in temperate and subpolar oceans as evidenced from ocean‐color satellites. This study examines the potential to detect coccolithophore blooms with BioGeoChemical‐Argo (BGC‐Argo) floats, autonomou...