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  • Open Access English
    Paschen, Marius;
    Country: Germany
    Project: EC | OceanNETs (869357)

    This software implements numerically different carbon accounting schemes regarding ocean-based negative emission technologies by using the R software.

  • Open Access
    Micallef, Aaron;
    Publisher: Zenodo
    Country: Germany
    Project: EC | MARCAN (677898)

    A global database of 305 records of offshore freshened groundwater has been compiled using published information. The criteria for including records in this database include salinities of ≤33 PSU, a location of ≥1 km away from the coast, and a distance of >10 km from ot...

  • Other research product . Other ORP type . 2012
    Open Access
    Simonelli, Paolo; Lindehoff, Elin; Javidpour, Jamileh; Pete, Romain; Berger, Stella; Tsagaraki, Tatiana;
    Publisher: Research Media Ltd
    Country: Germany
    Project: EC | MESOAQUA (228224)

    By placing a component of the marine environment under controlled conditions, mesocosms provide important links between field studies and laboratory experiments. Project Leader Dr Paolo Simonelli and scientific site coordinators Drs Elin Lindehoff, Jamileh Javidpour, Ro...