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  • English
    Somes, Christopher J.; Dale, Andrew W.; Wallmann, Klaus; Scholz, Florian; Yao, Wanxuan; Oschlies, Andreas; Muglia, Juan; Schmittner, Andreas; Achterberg, Eric P.;

    Iron is a key micronutrient controlling phytoplankton growth in vast regions of the global ocean. Despite its importance, uncertainties remain high regarding external iron source fluxes and internal cycling on a global scale. In this study, we used a global dissolved ir...

  • Open Access English
    Dietze, Heiner; Löptien, Ulrike; Hordoir, Robinson; Heinemann, Malte; Huiskamp, Willem; Schneider, Birgit;

    The isotopic composition of Si in biogenic silica (BSi), such as opal buried in the oceans' sediments, has changed over time. Paleorecords suggest that the isotopic composition, described in terms of δ30Si, was generally much lower during glacial times than today. There...