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Supplementary Data for: Shifts in food webs and niche stability shaped survivorship and extinction at the end-Cretaceous

Jorge García-Girón; Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza; Janne Alahuhta; David G. DeMar Jr.; Jani Heino; Philip D. Mannion; Thomas E. Williamson; Gregory P. Wilson Mantilla; Stephen L. Brusatte;
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  • Published: 24 May 2022
  • Publisher: Zenodo
This compendium of files includes a list of statistical routines (Data S1) and cleaned fossil datasets from the Paleobiology Database (Data S2 to S3) for the paper "Shifts in food webs and niche stability shaped survivorship and extinction at the end-Cretaceous". Data S1 and Data S2 can be opened in Microsoft Office and Data S3 can be imported in R using the load() command. Data S2 and S3 contain the same information (i.e., cleaned fossil datasets) but in different formats (xlsx vs. RData). Instructions for review: Please, use the password available in the main text to unlock the worksheets as read only (check Data and materials availability). These datasets will be published unprotected and fully editable upon acceptance. Please, feel free to send an email to the maintainer Dr. Jorge García Girón ( if you face any trouble downloading, opening or using these files.
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free text keywords: paleontology, dinosaurs, Cretaceous, Paleogene, Campanian, Maastrichtian, mammals, squamates, crocodylians, champsosaurs, turtles, lissamphibians, fish, North America
  • European Marine Science
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Dataset . 2022
Providers: ZENODO
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