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Other research product . 2021

FishChoice 2.0: Information on health benefits / risks and sustainability for seafood consumers

Marques, Montse; Torres, Carmen M.; Garcia-Fernandez, Fernando; Mantur-Vierendeel, Angelika; Roe, Mark; Wilson, Annette M.; Reuver, Marieke; +2 Authors
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2021
Country: Spain
Since seafood is a significant source of nutrients with known health benefits, its consumption is promoted as a healthy food choice. However, seafood can also contain potentially hazardous environmental pollutants. In the context of the ECsafeSEAFOOD FP7 project, FishChoice ( was developed as a communication tool to help to the consumers to take the most appropriate decisions on their seafood consumption habits. FishChoice relies on scientific information that allows calculating, on an individual basis, intakes of nutrients and pollutants derived from seafood consumption. In the framework of the EU-H2020 funded SEAFOODTOMORROW project, an optimized version of the online tool has been released. FishChoice is available in 25 EU languages with a customized list of seafood species per EU country, considering specific (national) consumption habits. The list of nutrients has been extended according to the latest EFSA recommendations, while pollutants data incorporate results from recent studies. The sustainability of seafood consumption has been also implemented, providing recommendations to help preserve the marine environment. Finally, FishChoice is suitable not only for consumers, but also health professionals, schools and academia, as well as the industrial sector and public health providers.

Food Science,Food Science & Technology,Medicine (Miscellaneous),Toxicology, Tarragona county catalonia, Shellfish, Seafood, Sea food, Scientific opinion, Risk-benefit assessment, Public health, Preferences, Pollutants, Pollutant, Pcdd/fs, Online tool, Nutrients, Nutrient, Marine environment, Language, Human exposure, Human, Health risk communication, Health hazard, Habit, Flame retardants, Fish, Dietary reference values, Consumption, Consumer, Article, Toxicology, Saúde coletiva, Química, Odontología, Nutrição, Medicine (miscellaneous), Medicina veterinaria, Medicina iii, Medicina ii, Medicina i, Materiais, Interdisciplinar, Food science & technology, Food science, Farmacia, Ensino, Engenharias iv, Engenharias ii, Enfermagem, Educação física, Ciências biológicas iii, Ciências biológicas ii, Ciências biológicas i, Ciências ambientais, Ciências agrárias i, Ciência de alimentos, Biotecnología, Biodiversidade, Astronomia / física

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