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Other research product . 2022

Levels of microplastics and their characteristics in molluscs from North-West Mediterranean Sea: Human intake

Expósito N; Rovira J; Sierra J; Gimenez G; Domingo JL; Schuhmacher M;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2022
Country: Spain

Microplastics (MPs) are accessible for organisms with active filter feeding strategies, as are many marine molluscs, which live attached or semi-buried in sediments. In the present study, MPs (from 0.02 to 5 mm) concentration, morphology, and composition were determined in consumed mollusc species of the Catalan coast (NW Mediterranean Sea). Microplastic concentrations, morphologic characteristics and composition were studied according to species, catchment zones and depuration condition. Finally, human intake of MPs through molluscs' consumption was determined. >2300 individuals were analysed, being 1460 MPs extracted and their size, and polymeric composition registered. Big oysters and mussels showed the highest MPs concentration by individual, with levels of 22.8 ± 14.4 and 18.6 ± 23.0 MPs/individual, respectively. Mean annual MPs (≥20 μm) consumption for adult population was estimated in 8103 MPs/year, with a 95th percentile of 19,418 MPs/year. It suggests that the consumption of molluscs is an important route of MPs exposure for the Catalan population.


Aquatic Science,Environmental Sciences,Marine & Freshwater Biology,Oceanography,Pollution, Water treatment plants, Seafood, Plastic pollution, Mussels, Human exposure, Catalonia (spain), waste, mytilus-edulis, fish, fibers, contamination, coastal waters, bivalves, abundance, Zootecnia / recursos pesqueiros, Saúde coletiva, Química, Pollution, Planejamento urbano e regional / demografia, Oceanography, Nutrição, Medicina veterinaria, Medicina ii, Medicina i, Matemática / probabilidade e estatística, Marine & freshwater biology, Interdisciplinar, Geografía, Geociências, Farmacia, Environmental sciences, Ensino, Engenharias iv, Engenharias iii, Engenharias ii, Engenharias i, Ciências biológicas ii, Ciências biológicas i, Ciências ambientais, Ciências agrárias i, Ciência de alimentos, Biotecnología, Biodiversidade, Astronomia / física, Aquatic science, Administração pública e de empresas, ciências contábeis e turismo

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