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Other research product . 2016

Visual identity of sport club

Olivová, Marie;
Open Access
Published: 30 Sep 2016
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
Country: Czech Republic

Výsledkem mé práce je vizuální identita cestovní kanceláře Surf-trip, zahrnující logo, logomanuál, katalog s nabídkou této cestovní kanceláře a nejrůznější tiskoviny, sloužící pro komuninkaci se zájemci a klienty. Hlavním motivem vizuálu jsou textury vytvořeny z motivů a prvků, typických pro danou destinaci. S pohledovým odstupem vzniká také barevná odlišnost, a tak lze rozeznávat jednotlivé destinace. V těchto texturách se nemusí nacházet znaky vln či surfingu, které by klient pravděpodobně očekával, protože jsou téměř vždy použity ve spojení s logem ve tvaru surfového prkna, a s názvem, jasně vypovídajícím osportovní aktivitě. Obhájeno My bachelor work is focused on the visual identity of a travel company called Surf-trip. They provide a memorable surfing experience onsurfboard in waves all over the world. At the beginning I decided to focus on the destinations which clients can visit. I have chosen the destination as the main focus and created designs based on the typical symbols for certain countries. The main point was not to use photographs asamain object of my project, because I think it's a tiring. That's why Iwanted toavoid it. I wanted to work more lively and creatively and and it seemed that best way how to do it was make it with ilustration. I composed different symbols together and Idraw it first by hand and later in my computer. Than I created something like textures or backgroud for each destination. Each of them has distinct bright colors and the whole project is very colorful. Project is consisted from many parts. I created a simple, aesthetic, impactful logo with a modern look in surfboard shape. The logo includes company's name. I think that this clean and simple logo works well with quite complicated texture ofeach destination. Other parts of my project include catalog, business cards, graphic design of websites and many other promotional materials which are needed for communication with clients. In every part we can see varied symbols and colors. It express the difference and uniqueness of every culture and country what is so exciting moment for Czech people. The branding was created with young people in mind who are looking for a new adventure, different life style or simply want to try something new. I believe that surfing surfing can attract many people who wants to feel free and independent. Let´s smell warm wind and enjoy freedom on waves of the ocean. Life is better when you surf!


sport, surfing, surf, oceán, destinace, kultura, logo, surfboard, sport, surfing, surf, ocean, culture, destinations, logo, srufboard

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