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Other research product . 2022

The Effect of Anti-Freeze Proteins on Water-Rich Glycerol-Water Mixtures

Stockner, William Fatum; Langer, Jonatan Heine;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2022
Country: Denmark
The effects of antifreeze proteins (AFPs) on the freezing temperatures of water is well studiedand known today. Studies of the affects of antifreeze proteins on glass transition and melting tem-peratures have been conducted on samples containing relatively high concentrations of glyceroland water. In this paper we conduct experiments with antifreeze proteins in water-dominatedglycerol water mixtures to determine how AFPs affect the glass transition and melting temper-atures of these samples. We present theory behind the various interactions that occur betweencomponents of the various mixtures studied and provide mathematical background and proofsto verify our methods. We discuss the hardware and software setups, experimental procedure,preparation of samples and analysis of the gathered data. The experimental results obtained fromthe raw data is presented as well as information on how the data was interpreted. Our analysisof a 23% glycerol water mixture with varying concentrations of teleost fish type III anti-freezeproteins suggest that there is a lowering effect to the glass transition temperature. Uncertainties,arbitrary choices and areas of future research are established for suggestions of the continuedresearch of these phenomena.i

fish, cow, bug, freeze, protein, glass, transition, melt

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