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Other research product . 2012

Preliminary checklists for applying SERCON (System for Evaluating Rivers for Conservation) to rivers in Serbia

Radulović Snežana; Boon P.J.; Laketić Dušanka; Simonović P.; Puzović S.; Živković Milica; Jurca Tamara; +3 Authors
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2012
Publisher: Archives of Biological Sciences
Country: Serbia
This paper describes the first steps in gathering biological data to assess the conservation value of rivers in Serbia, using SERCON (System for Evaluating Rivers for Conservation). SERCON was developed in the UK to improve consistency in assessments of river ‘quality’ by using a scoring system to evaluate habitat features and species groups, catchment characteristics, and the potential impacts to which river systems may be subjected. This paper provides checklists for aquatic, semiaquatic and marginal plants, macroinvertebrates, fish and birds associated with rivers in Serbia, collated from a wide range of published and unpublished sources. These lists should be regarded as provisional because few wide-ranging biological surveys have been carried out specifically on Serbian rivers; further revisions are likely as more information becomes available in future. Ultimately, the work will benefit regulators and decision-makers with responsibility for river management under the new Water Law, and contribute to river protection and conservation in Serbia. [Acknowledgments. The hydromorphology dataset was prepared for the project ‘Biosensing Technologies and Global System for Long-Term Research and Integrated Management of Ecosystems’ (Biosensing tehnologije i globalni sistem za kontinuirana istrazivanja i integrisano upravljanje ekosistema) III 043002 grant, while the biodiversity dataset was prepared the project Plant biodiversity of Serbia and the Balkans – assessment, sustainable use and protection (Biodiverzitet biljnog sveta Srbije i Balkanskog poluostrva – procena, odrzivo koriscenje i zastita) 173030 Grant, supported by Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Serbia]

SERCON, river quality, checklists, plants, macroinvertebrates, fish, birds, Serbia

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