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Other research product . Other ORP type . 2021

Bathymetry data from the R/V Ramon Margalef echosounder (2017)

Tel, E. (Elena); Díaz-Guerrero, J.I. (José Ignacio); Cabezuelo-Hernández, A. (Alberto);
Open Access
Published: 28 Sep 2021
Publisher: Sede Central IEO
Country: Spain
In the framework of the R/V R. Margalef (Spanish Institute of Oceanography, IEO) field works and alongtrack navigation, a continuous echosounder was used in order to measure the depth along its trajectory. These data were mainly held around Spanish territorial waters. During the ship trajectory, the echosounder was receiving and integrating bathymetry data and GPS position. All the data recorded were checked for quality control in a semi-automatic standard procedure and stored in MEDAR/MEDATLAS-SDN format.

bathymetry data, marine data, research vessel, Marine Science

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