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Danh sách các loài thuộc họ cá móm Gerreidae, cá lượng Nemipteridae và cá căng Terapontidae ở vùng biển Việt Nam

Le, Thi Thu Thao; Vo, Van Quang; Nguyen, Phi Uy Vu;
Open Access Vietnamese
  • Published: 01 Jan 2012
Twenty eight documents published during 1978 - 2010 listed 67 species names belonging to 12 genera of these families: Gerreidae, Nemipteridae and Terapontidae in different ecological areas of the Vietnamese seawaters. This study corrected and updated 47 species names and confirmed the species composition of three above mentioned families in the Vietnamese seawaters with 50 species belonging to 10 genera (among them the Mojarras: 11 species, 2 genera; the Threadfin Breams: 31 species, 4 genera; the Grunters: 8 species, 4 genera). The study results show the real situation of using scientific names and reference of various documents without careful checks of their synonym. Thus, the check list of marine fishes in Vietnam should be reviewed, checked and continuously updated in order to have database on fish composition in the Vietnamese seawaters completely and exactly for studying on biodiversity and conservation. Published
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free text keywords: Fish, Mojarras, Threadfin bream, Grunters, Gerreidae, Nemipteridae, Terapontidae
  • European Marine Science
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